You’re my SHERO

Nominate an Inspiring Woman & Win Amazing Prizes for Two!

Superwoman, role model, lady boss; These are all modern-day nicknames for women who spearhead challenges and go above and beyond to empower the females around them. Is there a woman to follow – who comes to your mind when you think about someone who is inspiring, self-confident, energetic & a positive role model for others.

Share her story to the world and support her to win the nomination! Nominate a woman who is making big steps forward and silently keep inspiring others. Let them inspire everyone! Tell us what makes this woman admirable and inspiring. We want to hear the stories of how their lives impacted yours—and you’ll want to make it a good one because the most compelling story wins a seriously covetable prize!

How to enter the You’re my SHERO contest

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Write a story not less than 150 words to describe how your SHERO impacted your lives. *The story must start with “She is my SHERO because…”; and end with “I hope she is always healthy…”)

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Contest Period

1st May 2021: Registration and submission starts.
20th May 2021,11:59pm : Registration and submission ends.
24th May 2021: All submissions will be judged and posted on Sans Wellness Facebook official page.
24th May 2021: Facebook contest starts.
31st May 2021,11:59pm: Facebook contest ends. Finalize results.
10th June 2021: Announce winners.

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  • You're My SHERO!

  • Max. file size: 3 MB.
    Images must clearly show the face of the nominated woman. Images should be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 3MB. Images should be JPEG file.
  • The story must start with “She is my SHERO because...”; and end with “I hope she is always healthy...”

Contest Rules and Eligibility:

  1. By entering the competition, you hereby accept these competition rules and the terms and conditions.
  2. By entering the competition, you agree and acknowledge that the Sans Wellness is permitted to receive your registration data. All personal information will be used by Sans Wellness in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
  3. To enter, you must upload your SHERO image and follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Images must clearly show the face of the nominated SHERO. Images should be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5MB. Images should be JPEG files.
  5. A shortlist of up to 80 entries will be selected and announced on Sans Wellness Facebook official page on May 24, 2021.
  6. Only one entry per applicant.
  7. The nominated SHERO must agree to share their stories publicly on Sans Wellness Facebook page.
  8. Each entry should have a short brief description of who the person is and why she is your SHERO. *the story must start with “She is my SHERO because…”; and end with “I hope she is always healthy…” (not less than 150 words)
  9. Entries submissions accepted between 1st May, 2021 and 20th May, 2021 at 11:59pm.
  10. Voting session will close at 31st May, 11:59pm.
  11. Entries are scored based on the total Facebook likes during the contest period.
  12. Any late, incomplete, internet issue, technical problem or any reasons of unsuccessful submissions will be ignored.
  13. Nominee must have a verifiable presence.
  14. Contest is open to Malaysians only.
  15. Prizes are only redeemable at Sans Wellness outlets only.
  16. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be substituted for cash value. Void where prohibited. By participating, each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Sans Wellness, which shall be final and binding in all respects.
  17. Sans Wellness employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate. Entries will not be returned and will not be acknowledged.
  18. Sans Wellness is not responsible for incomplete, illegible, lost or stolen entries.
  19. Sans Wellness reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove any entry that does not comply with the following requirements, even after the entry is submitted on the Website.


  1. 您报名参加即表明您同意遵守主办单位制定的官方规则。
  2. 通过参加本赛事,您明确同意您所提供的所有个人资料(包括SHERO),电话号码, 电邮,住家地址,由赛事主办方举办、处理和使用,用于与本赛事有关的目的。您还明确同意将此类信息发送给对本赛事给予官方认可、赞助或认可的组织。您承认并接受参加本赛事意味着您的参赛状态和结果可以公开。
  3. 完成登记报名后,所有参赛者必须递交自己想要推荐的SHERO的照片、和她如何影响自己的故事(不少过150文字)。
  4. 上传的照片必须完全展示SHERO的全脸,照片必须高清,不少于1MB,不超过5MB,为JPEG格式。
  5. 经过筛选和审核,主办方只会摘选出80位入围者,被选出的入围者和SHERO与故事将会于2021年6月10日被公布在 Sans Wellness官方面子书。
  6. 每一位参赛者只有一次推荐机会。
  7. 被推荐者(SHERO)必须同意此活动的规则和定义,其照片和故事将会被公开在Sans Wellness官方面子书。
  8. 参赛者必须递交的SHERO如何影响自己的故事必须不少过150文字,(用 “她是我的SHERO,因为她……”作为开头; 用 “我希望她有个健康的身体,因为….. ” 作为结尾)
  9. 此活动正式开始接受报名和投稿于2021年5月1日,并在5月20日晚上11:59pm截止。
  10. 2021年5月31日晚上11:59pm前投票点赞截止并统计。
  11. 最终成绩将以主办方上传出来的SHERO故事的Facebook点赞数为最终的统计。
  12. 任何原因导致的参赛申请没成功提交,比如互联网连接失效,服务器或任何其他任何技术故障原因,主办单位将不处理。
  13. 被推荐者(SHERO)必须有可核实/证明的真实存在。
  14. 此活动只限大马籍人士参加。
  15. 所有得奖者必须来到Sans Wellness 分店领取奖品。
  16. 所有奖品不可退换,不可转让且不可兑换成现金或其它产品。所有主办单位的决定是最终和绝对的,不接受任何调查或上诉。
  17. 无论任何理由,主办单位都将不负责/不处理:不符合的,不完整的,误导,或延迟上交故事和照片。
  18. Sans Wellness员工及其家属没有资格参加。 条目将被撤回去,也不会被确认。
  19. 如果在任何时候,主办方或评委在评审之前、之中或之后经合理判断,认为参赛者已提交的参赛故事,或照片可能不符合本参赛规则。主办方保留删除参赛资格的权利,并取消与有关的任何或所有入围或奖项。在这种情况下,参赛者承认主办方和评委会的决定是最终决定。